Why Should You Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes In 2018

Blogging with WordPress is interesting. While you start your blog, you need to find the best tools and resources for your blog. A good theme will help you to attract visitors and get more revenue from your blog. Also, if you choose mobile responsive one, you are damn good. Here, we are using Genesis Framework for creating our own design. Genesis Framework is an awesome one for every WordPress blogs. But if you are a beginner, don’t go for the Genesis Framework. The main reason is, you will not feel good at starting. By the way, we have seen that so many beginners are using Nulled or cracked or pirated WordPress themes on their blog. In this post, we will share the main reason that you need to avoid nulled WordPress themes. So, let’s get started.

Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes

1) No Support

Can you really use a theme on your blog without getting any support? Well, we cant. The theme support will help you to do something that you need assistance or do something custom. Pirated WordPress themes won’t offer any support. For asking the theme support, you need to purchase the theme from the original author.

2) Malicious Codes And Viruses

When we tried one nulled WordPress theme on our demo blog, we got a nice error. The installation process and activation were easy. But after that, all our website traffic is diverting to a third-party website. Then we noticed that the functions file of the theme if affected by malicious code. In some cases, the theme will try to install some unwanted software on your website visitor’s device.

3) No Updates

WordPress is being better after every update. If your theme is not compatible with the latest version of WordPress, you will get errors and crashes on your website. Updated themes will fix these issues.

4) Will Not Work Properly

Most pirated WordPress themes will not work properly. This will lead your website to crash or scare your users away. If you didn’t get users on your website, you cannot make any revenue/ sales from it.

5) SEO

The main reason that will ruin your blogging career. Nulled themes will affect your SEO badly. Why take the risk?

6) Security

Your security is in your hand. While creating your blog, you need to secure its admin area and properly take backups. This nulled themes will give you less security and it will conflict with other WordPress plugins or features.

7) Control

Like I said above, most nulled WordPress themes contain malicious codes. Some kind codes can kick you out of the admin dashboard and they can add a new administrator without any permission. Some of them will try to install a program on your device and it may be a keylogger. Using this will help the hackers to get all your personal stuff.

Really Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes?

Damn yes. Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes. Don’t use them on your blog if you really need to be successful. If you try to save money now by using a pirated premium theme, you can’t make money from your blog.


Why are you taking a risk? We hope you understand the situation and you will Avoid Nulled WordPress Themes from your blog. There are so many free themes are available. Choose your favorite one. If you have money and looking for a premium WordPress theme, you can choose Avada. Avada is a multipurpose WordPress theme that fulfills your needs.

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