Which HappyThemes Plan Will Be Perfect For You?

At this time, there are so many WordPress theme developers available like CSSIgniter and HappyThemes. They are premium WordPress themes who will offer free themes also. But, we will only recommend to you the premium WordPress themes for your blog. In this post, we are going to show you which HappyThemes plan will be perfect for you and what will you get in the pack.

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HappyThemes Plan Comparison!

At this time, they have 3 plans and pricing available.

HappyThemes Plan

The first one is for a single theme, all themes package, and lifetime access pack. Let’s look into each one!

Single Theme Package

Typically their single theme will cost around $49. Simply think about this.

A single WordPress theme from HappyThemes will cost around $49. But, the all theme package will cost only $41 for lifetime updates, support and unlimited domain usage.

So, which one is worth? A single theme or all themes?

All Theme Package

You will get access to all their WordPress themes on this package. but, this is not a one time purchase. You will get access only for 1 year. After one year, you may want to renew your subscription for the same price.

Let me get this clear. by paying $41, you will be in the all themes pack subscription. You will get access to all their themes and future themes. For the first year, you will get support and theme updates. After the period, you may want to contact them for renewing the subscription.

If you just want their themes for 1 year, this is an awesome option for you. Spending an extra $18 will help you to get in the lifetime package.

Lifetime Package

The best option in the pricing plan. All you need to do is, simply send $59 for the pack. This is just a one time purchase. You don’t need to pay additional money next year.

On their lifetime pack, you will get unlimited website usage, lifetime access to their WordPress themes, all their future themes updates and premium support.

They will offer only support on their premium version themes. At this time, they are not offering support on the free WordPress themes.


We will not recommend purchasing a Single theme from HappyThemes. If you wish to get the theme, you may want to consider purchasing the lifetime access plan or all themes access plan. It will be much more profitable for you.

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