Where Is The Theme Editor In WordPress


We have seen that most users are looking for a way to edit the current WordPress theme. In this post, we will show you Where Is The Theme Editor In WordPress and how can you go there.

Actually, Where Is The Theme Editor In WordPress?

First of all, you need to go to your WordPress dashboard.

Where Is The Theme Editor In WordPress

After that, you need to go the Appearance menu from the left panel.

wordpress appearance menu

There, you can see your current activated and all installed themes. On the bottom, you can see a sub-option called editor. You need to open that.

Now, you will be redirected to the WordPress editor.

wordpress editor

From the right section, you can choose the theme files to edit. But, using the theme editor will break your website if you don’t know how to code. Also, changing CSS will redesign your website. Make sure that you click on update file button from bottom to save your settings.

update wordpress theme editor

By using this method, you can update your core theme files. But, I really recommend using a child theme and making all necessary actions on the child theme. So, if the parent theme got an update, your custom codes will not lose and you will get full future customizations.

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