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On May 18, 2018
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PureLife is an awesome blogging and magazine WordPress theme... HappyThemes got the best theme for beginners... Check out the complete PureLife WordPress theme review free from here.

Recently, HappyThemes created a WordPress theme called PureLife in the market. PureLife is one of the best blogging and magazine WordPress theme that’s available on the market. In this post, we will show you the complete  PureLife WordPress theme review.

PureLife WordPress Theme Review

Like all other HappyThemes’s WordPress theme, they got a free version theme and also a pro version theme. We highly recommend you choose the pro version WordPress theme for your business. From below, you can know why we said it and why should you choose the pro theme.


Both WordPress themes are responsive. In that case, you will get the best user experience on every device and every browser.


The pro version of PureLife theme comes with unlimited color options. In the free version theme, you will not get this feature. You may want to edit the CSS files for changing styling.


In the free version, you need to use third-party plugins for adding custom fonts. The pro version theme comes with 300+ Google fonts. Using these fonts, you can choose the best font for your business from there.

Sticky Navigation

The pro version theme comes with a sticky navigation menu.

purelife sticky navigation menu

In the free version, you will not get this feature.

Back To Top

Some folks love the back to top feature. In the pro version theme, you will get this feature.

purelife back to top

At this time, free version theme will not support this feature.

Guest Post Submission

Most of us are accepting guest posts these days. If you are one of those, you can simply use the pro version theme for accepting guest posts.

purelife guest post submission

The free version theme will not support this feature.


This feature is not available in the free version theme. In the pro version theme, you can show the visitors path on single posts.

purelife breadcrumb

Also, search engines will show the breadcrumb path of your blog in the search results.

tricksflare blog search

Related Posts

You can show related posts under every single post. This will help you to get more pageviews and reduce your blog’s bounce rate.

purelife related posts

Post Views

You can show the total post views in the post body. Only the pro version theme have this.

purelife post views

Social Icons

In the pro version theme, you will get custom made social icons. So, you don’t need to use an additional plugin for the purpose.

purelife social icons

in the free version theme, you will not get this, You may want to use any third-party plugin for it.

Post Meta

Show the author gravatar in the post meta. This is an awesome feature.

purelife post meta

Social Sharing

You will get custom social share icons for your blog. It is only for the premium version.

purelife social share icons

In the free version, you may want to use any plugin like social warfare.

Author Box

While running a multi-author blog, you may want to show the author box below every single post. In the pro version theme, you can do it.

purelife author box

At this time, the free version theme will not help you to show author box.


Both themes come with 4 footer widget areas.

purelife footer widget

Theme Demo Content

If you purchase the pro version theme, you will get a theme demo content. It will help you to set up the WordPress website in some simple mouse clicks.

Theme Support

At this time, HappyThemes will only support the pro version theme. They will not support the free version theme.

Theme Updates

On the pro version theme, you will get lifetime updates. That’s an interesting feature.


The premium version theme will cost around $49 for lifetime support and updates. This is a one time fee. If you need to check the quality of their code, you can go with the free version theme.

From above, you must know that for the full power of the theme, you need to choose the premium version. We are pretty sure that you will love the theme and its design.

Sounds Good. How To Purchase?

You can purchase the PureLife WordPress theme from below.

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Why We Wrote This PureLife WordPress Theme Review?

We are not getting paid for writing false positive reviews nor accepting sponsored posts. All reviews that we add here at TricksFlare are 100% genuine. We are only reviewing stuff that’s been tested by one of our team. Like we said above, PureLife is an awesome one.

We hope you found this PureLife WordPress theme review helped you to know more about the theme and enjoyed the read. If you did, please consider sharing this article with your friends. We would love to share more reviews then.


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