How To Setup Free Social Warfare Plugin On WordPress


While we create a blog using WordPress or any other CMS, we must add social sharing icons on our website. It will help the website visitors to share your post on social media and also it will bring more social traffic to your website. There are so many WordPress plugins available for adding social share icons. Here at TricksFlare, we are using a free plugin called Social Warfare. Last day, one of our users asked how to properly setup Social Warfare plugin. In this post, we will show you that, how can you setup free Social Warfare plugin on WordPress.

Really How To Setup Free Social Warfare Plugin On WordPress?

So, let’s begin. First of all, login to your WordPress dashboard.

wordpress dashboard

Now, you need to go to the Add plugins section.

add new wordpress plugins

Next thing, you may want to search for social warfare plugin and need to install it on your blog.

install social warfare plugin

After installing the plugin, simply activate it.

activate social warfare plugin

After adding the plugin to your WordPress blog, you can see the plugin’s settings there. Simply go to the plugin settings.

social warfare plugin settings

Simply drag the inactive icons to the active section.

add social icons

This plugin will help us to show the total count of our posts. For that, make sure that you have turned on the function.

social warfare share counts

Now, you need to place the share icons on your blog post and pages. We highly recommend that on your posts and custom post types, use the icons both above and below the content.

social warfare positions

Now, you need to go to the Style section and configure the plugin for your needs. You may want to turn on the floating share buttons.

social warfare floating share icons

This will help you to show a sticky social icons section on your content.

social warfare floating share icons

Here, we are not using this feature. Because we already have one sticky header section. Now, go to the social identity section and add your social icons there.

social warfare social identity

Now, go to the advanced settings and turn on the force new shares function. It will be helpful for us. After that, simply change all the changes.

force new shares

We have successfully configured the social warfare plugin on our blog. Now, let’s check one of our blog posts to see the live action.

social share icons

Looks like the plugin is in action. This is how you can setup free Social Warfare plugin on WordPress blog.

Some themes like Improve and GreatWall comes with inbuilt social share icons. If you need to know more about those themes, check our Improve WordPress theme review and GreatWall WordPress theme review.


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