How To Reset WordPress Installation


While creating a blog or website on WordPress, probably we may want to reset it to the fresh one sometimes. Most folks are uninstalling WordPress and installing a fresh copy to achieve¬†it. But, you don’t need to do that. In this post, we will show you that how can you reset WordPress installation with simple mouse clicks.

Reset WordPress Using Plugin

So, let’s begin. We need a plugin called WordPress database reset for this. So, login to your WordPress admin area and go to add new plugins section.

add new plugins

There, you need to search for the plugin.

search wordpress database reset

Next thing you need to do is, simply install the plugin on your blog.

install wordpress database reset plugin

After installing the plugin, you may want to activate it.

activate wordpress database reset plugin

So, you have installed and activated the plugin. If you are using any caching plugin, you need to clear your WordPress website’s cache.

clear wordpress cache

You can see that I have got some posts and pages on my WordPress blog.

wordpress pages

After resetting the database, you will lose everything. If you need to move your data to any other WordPress website, make sure that a complete backup of your website. You can see the options for resetting database under the tools section.

database reset options

Now, you need to choose the tables that you need to reset. In my case, I would like to wipe out the entire things from my website.

select database

After selecting the tables, you need to enter the security code in the box.  It is a simple security. After that, click on reset tables.

reset wordpress

Within a few seconds, the plugin will reset the installation and give you a fresh WordPress website.

fresh wordPress install

ALl your plugins will be deactivated. You can start activating them one by one. Also, you will be reverted to the default WordPress theme.

deactivated plugins

Your entire WordPress pages will be removed.

wordpress reset pages

We hope you enjoyed the read and understand how to reset WordPress. If you did, please consider sharing our post with your friends. It will help them to reset their WordPress installation in a single click and also us to write more related posts.


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