How To Protect WordPress Login URL

We all know that WordPress powers more than 54% of the websites around the globe. Due to this, you must keep your WordPress blog from hackers. In this post, we will show you a quick and simple guide to protect WordPress login URL.

Protect WordPress Login URL

Protect WordPress Login URL Using Plugin

Here, we need to use a plugin called WPS hide login. It is a free plugin for changing login URL of any WordPress blog. Before getting started, let me tell you what is exactly we doing.

By default, WordPress login URL will be like You may think that’s already protected with a username and password authentication. Yes, you are right. The login page is still protected. but, a hacker can simply access your blog by Brute force attack. It is also known as password guessing attacks. Redirecting the default admin path will help us to keep our login page safe.

So, let’s start. First of all, login to your WordPress dashboard.

wordpress dashboard

Now, go to the add new plugins section.

add new plugins wp

Simply search for the WPS hide login plugin and install it on your blog.

install wps hide login

After installing it, you need to activate it.

activate wps hide login

If you are using any caching plugin for speeding up your blog, you may want to clear the cache.

clear wordpress cache

So, you have successfully installed and activated the plugin. Now, you need to configure it. The plugin’s settings are under WordPress general settings. You need to enter your new login path there and click on save.

wps hide login plugin settings

That’s all, so, when an unauthorized user accesses your WordPress admin area, they will see a disabled message. If you got forgot the login URL, don’t get panic. Simply delete the WPS hide login plugin folder from the plugins directory. It will revert your WordPress adminĀ URLĀ to the default one.

It’s just a security hardening. If you really want to keep your blog safe, don’t use nulled themes, use strong passwords and don’t disclose your password to anyone. We hope you found this tutorial helpful. If you did, please help us by sharing this article with your friends.

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