How To Embed SocioQuiz In WordPress

Most of us made the SocioQuiz website these days. Also, have a WordPress blog. Then why don’t you promote your viral quiz website on WordPress blog? In this post, we will show you that how can you properly embed SocioQuiz in WordPress. Here’s the simple step by step guide to do it.

How To Embed SocioQuiz In WordPress?

First of all, log in to the SocioQuiz admin panel.

Embed SocioQuiz In WordPress

Now, go to the all quizzes section.

all socioquiz quizzes

Then, choose one quiz which you need to add to the WordPress blog. Simply click on the edit quiz button.

edit socio quiz

Go to the bottom of the page. There you can find a unique embed code for the quiz. Simply copy it.

quiz embed code

On a new tab, log in to your WordPress admin and go to the widgets section.

wordpress widgets

You need to add a custom HTML widget to the sidebar or wherever you need to show the quiz.

custom html widget

Add a title there and paste the embed code. Don’t forget to save changes.

add socio quiz in wordpress

Alright, check the result from the front end.

socioquiz added in wordpress

It’s working. That’s all.

If you need to monetize your SocioQuiz website, check out how can you add AdSense ads in SocioQuiz website.

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