How To Configure WP Fastest Cache WordPress Plugin

For speedingĀ up your WordPress blog, you must consider using a caching plugin. At this time, there are too many free and premium WordPress caching plugins are available. In this post, we will show you how can you configure WP fastest cache plugin on your blog.

How To Configure WP Fastest Cache?

First of, all, you need to install the WP Fastest CacheĀ plugin. Open add new plugins section.

add wp plugins to blog

Search for WP Fastest Cache and install the plugin on your blog.

Configure WP Fastest Cache

After installing, activate it.

activate wp fastest cache

Now, you need to configure the plugin. Open the plugin settings.

configure wordpress fastest cache plugin

Under general settings, select all option that you need. In my case, I am going to choose all of them.

wp fastest cache settings

Some settings will show you a pop-up box saying that cache clearing option after publishing or updating a post. You may want to choose clear all cache from there.

cache clearing option

Simply save the settings.

save wp fastest cache settings

Go to the cache timeout option and add a new rule there.

wp fastest cache timeout option

Now, choose ‘All’ from the request URL and select timeout as once an hour.

cache rule wp fastest cache

You will get a success message then.

cached timeout

For deleting the cached copy, you may want to go to the appropriate section on plugin settings.

delete cache

Soon, the plugin will clear all cache.

cache cleared

If you wish to exclude some specific pages, CSS, JS, and user agents from caching, you can do it in the plugin.

exclude from caching

That’s all. From now on, the server will serve a cached copy of the pages. If you made any changes using the WordPress theme editor, you may want to clear the WordPress cache for seeing the changes.

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