How To Compress Image On WordPress Blog


Recently, one of our users asked that how we compressing our images. In this post, we will show you how can you do it using a WordPress plugin. Here are the best beginners guide to compress image on WordPress blog. If you need to improve your SEO, check our post about setting up Yoast SEO on a blog.

Compress Image On WordPress Blog Using Wp Smush

First of all, you need to go to the add plugins section.

Compress Image On WordPress Blog

Now, search for wp smush plugin and install it on the blog.

install wp smush

After installing the plugin, you need to activate it.

wp smush activate

If you are using any caching plugin, clear your cache.

clear wordpress cache

Now, let’s start to smush our image files.

bulk smush images

Soon, the plugin will start to compress the images.

smush stat

The free version plugin got some limitations. It will only smush 4 images at a time. That’s enough for a website which will add a standard number of images. If your website got too many image files, you may want to try the pro version of wp smush. It will smush 15 images at a time.

You can also smush your directory using the plugin.

directory smush

Don’t forget to set the auto smushing feature in the settings. It will help us to smush every new image¬†while we upload them to the blog.

Compress Image On WordPress Blog

In short, wp smush is the best optimization plugin for WordPress. While we compress image on WordPress blog, your blog’s speed will increase. Also, you can save bandwidth by compressing the images.

This is how we compress our images. We will also use TinyPNG for compressing images online. We hope you have enjoyed the post. If you did, please consider sharing our posts with your friends. We would love to share more related topics. Also, check our blog section for more related posts and our downloads section for digital downloads.


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