How To Clock Affiliate Links In WordPress


Most of us are starting a WordPress blog for making money online. While we talking about making money online, we must point out affiliate marketing. In this post, we will show you that how can you properly clock affiliate links in WordPress using plugin.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online. But, it will only work if your blog has enough traffic that converts. In the other hand, you can try display ads in your blog.

How To Clock Affiliate Links In WordPress

What does it mean? Let me get this straight. In some cases, affiliate URLs may be a little ugly. They will be like Ugly isn’t it. Also, it is hard to remember. This post will teach you that how to make it friendly.

We are doing it with a WordPress plugin called ThirstyAffiliates. You need to install it on your blog. Simply go to your blog’s add new plugins section.

Clock Affiliate Links In WordPress

Add ThirstyAffiliates plugin to your blog.

install thirstyaffiliates plugin

Now, activate the plugin.

activate thirstyaffiliates plugin

If you are using any caching plugin, you may want to clear your website cache and go to the plugin settings.

thirstyaffiliates settings


Since you don’t have any affiliate links yet. Let’s create your first affiliate link there.

add new thirstyaffiliate link

Now, enter the link name, destination, category and publish the link.

affiliate link specs

That’s all. Your link will be published soon.

link published

From now on, you can use the new clocked affiliate link on your blog.

How To Change Prefix?

By default, the plugin comes with recommends as a prefix. Most folks don’t like it and they need another one. For changing the prefix, you may want to go to the plugin settings.

link prefix

From link prefix section, you can choose your own custom prefix. Simply save the settings after making the change.

How To Nofollow All Links?

By adding nofollow on affiliate links, search engines will not index them. To do it, go to the plugin settings and link appearance. From there, you can add nofollow to all affiliate links.

nofollow affiliate links

Don’t forget to save the changes then.

Affiliate Links Showing 404 Error. How To Fix?

Don’t need to be panic. All you need to do is, simply save your permalinks again.

save permalinks again

This is how you can clock affiliate links in WordPress. We hope you found this tutorial helpful and enjoyed the read. If you did, please consider sharing our articles with your friends. Check our blog section for more interesting topics.


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