How To Add Custom Fonts In Newsmag Theme

Newsmag is an awesome WordPress theme which will help you to start a newspaper type website. In this post, we will show you that how to add custom fonts in Newsmag theme and make your blog more attractive. This is a simple task than you thought.

Do I Really Need To Add Custom Fonts In Newsmag?

A better typography and font package will help you to improve your website’s user experience and engagement. If you choose the wrong font, everything will be BOOM!

Let’s start to add custom fonts in Newsmag theme. First of all, go to your WordPress dashboard.

wordpress dashboard

I hope you have installed and activated the Newsmag WordPress theme. If you are not, simply activate the theme. After that, you will see the theme settings.

Add Custom Fonts In Newsmag Theme

Now, you need to go to the theme panel and then theme fonts.

newsmag fonts panel

In the Newsmag theme, we can add fonts to the website in three simple ways.

  • Custom Fonts
  • Fonts via Typekit
  • Google fonts

Here, I am going to add a custom font. For that, extract the custom fonts section.

add custom fonts newsmag

Now, you need to upload your font there. But while uploading remembers that upload only font file that is in .woff extension. WordPress will not accept .ttf format fonts. After uploading your font file there, simply save the settings.

save font settings

So, we have successfully added a font to WordPress. Now, we need to change the font family of our header, post content and all we need.

change font family

You can see that I have changed font family of post content. Let’s check it from the front end. If you are using any caching plugin, you need to clear the cache.

custom fonts wordpress

You can see that the font family is active on my blog. According to your liking, you need to adjust the font size, font weight and line height of the content.

We hope you enjoyed the read. If you are using the Newspaper WordPress theme, you can also add custom fonts in Newspaper. If you feel something wrong while adding fonts feel free to contact us.

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