How To Add A Fixed Widget In WordPress


Recently, we have started using a fixed sidebar here at TricksFlare. After making the change, one of our users asked that how to add a fixed widget in WordPress. In this post, we will show you the exact method to do it.

How To Add A Fixed Widget In WordPress

Here, we don’t need any coding or CSS skills for making our sidebar or any widget sticky. All you need is a plugin called Q2W3 Fixed Widget. Let’s begin to make our sidebar widgets sticky.

First of all, log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to the add new plugins area.

add a fixed widget in WordPress

Now, search for the Q2W3 fixed widget plugin and install it on your blog.

search for q2w3 fixed widget plugiin

After installing, you may want to activate the plugin.

activate q2w3 fixed widget

If you are using any caching plugin, simply clear the cache.

clear wp cache

You can see the plugin settings under the appearance menu.

q2w3 widget settings

We don’t need to do anything there right now. All you need to do is, go to your widgets section.

wordpress widgets

Expand a widget that you need to be sticky or floating.

expand widget

At the end of the widget, you can see an option there for making the widget fixed.

fixed widget option

Simply enable it.

enable fixed widget

Now, check your blog. The selected widget will be in floating mode.

wordpress fixed widget

This is how you can add a fixed widget in WordPress. In the other hand, you may need some coding skills for doing it.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful and enjoyed the read. If you did, please consider sharing our article with your friends.


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