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On June 3, 2018
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The best lightweight, SEO friendly and responsive WordPress theme provider. HappyThemes got all latest WordPress themes for cheap.

While we select a WordPress theme for our brand or blog, we need to choose the best one then. In most cases, we are looking for SEO friendly, lightweight WordPress theme with a simple design. Here, we are going to show you HappyThemes Review. HappyThemes have a great collection of lightweight, responsive and SEO friendly WordPress themes.

HappyThemes Review

We have already covered a post about one of their theme Starter Pro. If you missed that article, you can read it from here. HappyThemes started making WordPress themes from 2009 and they have great WordPress experts behind the scene. They are updating their themes every year and they will add at least 10 WordPress themes every year.

What Makes Them Best?

So you are planning to purchase one subscription from HappyThemes. But, before making the deal, you need to know the good side and bad sides of HappyThemes. From our experience, we have noticed the below pros.

Faster Loading

All of their WordPress themes are optimized for speed. We have tested most of their WordPress themes and we have got the best results. Full website loading time will be around 3 seconds. If you optimize your WordPress images, you can score a better result than this.

SEO Optimized

A good WordPress theme will help you to get better ranking on Google and other search engines. All the themes that created by HappyThemes are SEO optimized ones and you can get higher rankings.


All of their themes are lightweight. This will help us to improve our website loading speed. Most WordPress themes in the market are not lightweight. here, HappyThemes helped us to save our bandwidth and website speed.

Customer Support

Their customer support is awesome. Like I said above, I own Starter Pro theme of HappyThemes. Every support ticket that we create will be answered within 30 minutes.

Coupons Plugin

Are you an affiliate marketer and need to make more affiliate sales? HappyThemes’s inbuilt coupon and deals plugin will help you to create a deals section on your blog without editing any codes.

happythemes coupons

New Themes Every Month

They are creating and adding a new WordPress theme every month. If you have a membership, you can get access to them.


They are affordable. Their packages come with a one-time purchase and you will get access to their all themes and future themes.

happythemes pricing

If we buy a WordPress theme from ThemeForest, we need to pay around $59 for a single theme. Here at HappyThemes, you will get their themes for cheap. We highly recommend the lifetime access package. So, you can enjoy all their themes and you will get lifetime updates.

What Makes Them Bad?

While launching a new theme, there must be bugs. Below, we will share that what are the cons of HappyThemes.

Small Bugs

They have small bugs on their themes. but, don’t mind. The 24*7 support team will help you to fix all your issues with the theme.

No Theme Panel

Most new themes are coming with a Theme Panel these days. But, HappyThemes don’t have theme panel. Think they will add it soon.

Why We Wrote This HappyThemes Review?

We wrote this HappyTheme review for helping beginners to choose the best. Most beginners are choosing the wrong theme and wasting their money. We thought that HappyThemes review will help them to choose the best theme.

We hope this review helped you to figure out HappyThemes and their themes. If you are looking for another Multipurpose WordPress theme, you need to look at Avada WordPress theme.

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