GreatWall WordPress Theme Review


Are you looking for a multi-purpose WordPress theme? If you are looking for it, you must check the GreatWall WordPress theme. The theme is created by HappyThemes. Last day, we have already covered HappyThemes review. If you haven’t seen it, check this post. In this post, we are going to share the GreatWall WordPress theme review with our users. From here, you can know is the theme right for you.

GreatWall WordPress Theme Review

By choosing a multi-purpose WordPress theme, we can create several types of websites using the same theme. No matter with theme licensing. HappyThemes will allow you to use their theme on unlimited websites without paying additional money. At this time, they have got a free version and also premium version of the theme. We highly recommend you the premium version of the theme. From below, you can know that why we said that and why should you choose it.

1) Responsive

Both the free and pro version themes are 100% responsive. This means the website will fit on every device and also on every single browser.

2) Color Options

The pro version of the theme comes with unlimited color options. At the same time, the free version GreatWall WordPress the don’t have that feature.

3) Fonts

The free version doesn’t have additional fonts. The pro version of the theme comes with unlimited fonts. So, you can choose the best font from the list. Choosing the best font will help you to improve your website’s user experience. For adding custom fonts in the free version, you may want to use third-party plugins or custom code snippets.

4) Sticky Navigation

In the pro version of the theme, you will get sticky navigation menu.

greatwall sticky navigation menu

In the free version, you can’t get it.

5) Drag And Drop Page Builder

Creating landing pages made simple. Using the drag and drop page builder, you can create unlimited landing pages that will convert your website visitors into your customers. The builder comes with free and also paid theme.

6) WooCommerce Optimized

The pro version of the theme is 100% WooCommerce optimized. You can simply setup an online store in the website without getting any error.

greatwall shop

At this time, the free version theme will not support WooCommerce.

7) Theme Support

At this time, HappyThemes will only support the premium version of the theme. They will not support the free version right now.

8) Translation Ready

Both themes are translation ready. This could be helpful if you are getting website visits from different parts of the globe.

9) Footer Widgets

The theme comes with 4 footer widgets.

greatwall footer widget

You can showcase your shop items, popular posts, random posts or whatever you would like to add.

10) Testimonials

While building a business online, we must consider adding testimonials on the website. If you choose the pro version of the theme, you can choose the testimonials on the front page.

greatwall testimonials

At this time, the free version of this theme doesn’t have it.

11) CTA Button

CTA means a call to action button. You can get your website visitors attention by using this feature. You can show a service, discount or whatever you will get maximum user engagement.

greatwall call to action button

The free version doesn’t have this feature.

12) Leadership Team

While running an online business or providing a service, you must show the team members on your website. In the pro version, you can do it.

greatwall team

But, you can’t get this feature on the free version theme.

13) Blog Posts On Home

You can show the latest blog posts on the front page if you are using the pro version.

greatwall blog posts

The free version theme will not support this feature.

14) Events

Show your latest events on the front page. But, it only comes with premium them.

greatwall events

15) Plans And Pricing

Show pricing list on the front page. The best widget for an online business.

greatwall plans and pricing

It only comes with the premium version theme.

16) Skills Widget

If you are using the premium version, you can show your skills on the front page.

greatwall skills

17) Social Share And Icons

The premium theme comes with custom social share icons and social icons. Most of us are using third-party plugins and custom code snippets to show those.

greatwall social icons and social share icons

18) Breadcrumb And Newsletter Widget

If you choose the premium theme, you can show breadcrumb on single posts. Also, you will get custom newsletter widget with the theme.

greatwall breadcrumbs and newsletter widget

From above, you must notice that to get the full features of this theme, you need to choose the premium version. If you need to know how to save money on HappyThemes, check this post.

Sounds Good. How To Download The Theme?

From below, you can download the theme.

Download Now

Why We Wrote This GreatWall WordPress Theme Review?

The answer is simple. We want to make sure that our users are choosing the right thing for their business. Before making a purchase, we need to know the complete theme features. While you perform a quick Google search using the keyword ‘multi-purpose WordPress themes’, you will get hundreds of different WordPress themes. We are pretty sure that this GreatWall WordPress theme review helped you to know more about the theme features. GreatWall WordPress theme will be perfect for you. Hope you enjoyed your read. If you did, please consider sharing this GreatWall WordPress theme review post with your friends.


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