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Till now, we have covered so many WordPress themes such as Improve, NewsBlock, GreatWall which is built by HappyThemes. If you haven’t seen our review of HappyThemes, you need to check this post. Some folks are looking for free WordPress themes with some advanced features. Typically, we will not support the use of free WordPress themes. Probably, you may be wondering if there any free WordPress theme available on HappyThemes. HappyThemes got a free version of all their premium version themes. In this post, we will show you that how can you download free WordPress themes from HappyThemes.

How To Download Free WordPress Themes From HappyThemes

First of all, go to HappyThemes.

Download Free WordPress Themes From HappyThemes

If you don’t have an account there, simply sign up on the website. If you already got an account, log in to your account.

sign up happythemes

The signup page shows a paid membership? don’t worry. Go to the WordPress themes section.

happythemes wordpress themes

There, you can see all their WordPress themes.

happythemes wp themes

You need to select any of the themes from there. In my case, I am going to choose the Keyword WordPress theme.

happythemes keyword theme

The page will show the entire theme features there.

happythemes keyword theme features

Now, you need to click on the download theme button. There 2 type WordPress themes are available. One is free and the other is paid. Like our post title said, we need to get the free version theme.

free keyword wordpress theme

Now, you can see the free membership option there. Simply fill the fields and sign up for the free membership.

register happythemes

After registering on the website, you can log in to your account.

login happythemes

It will redirect you to your account dashboard.

happythemes account dashboard


Now, you can download all themes from the dashboard.

download free wordpress themes

This is how you can download free WordPress themes from HappyThemes. If you are looking for more free themes, you can download it from WordPress repo.

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