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On May 7, 2018
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BlogNow is a well-coded WordPress theme for blogging and magazine websites. The theme is lightweight and SEO friendly. Hence, your website will load faster on search engines and will give you best results.

We have covered HappyThemes and their best selling themes Subscribe, GreatWall, Videohost here at TricksFlare. In this post, we are going to introduce you one of the themes that are crafted by HappyThemes. The name is the theme is BlogNow. You can read the complete BlogNow WordPress theme review from here.

blognow WordPress theme review

At this time, they have got a free version and premium version of the theme. We highly recommend you the premium version theme. From below, you can know that why we said that and why should you choose the premium one.


Both WordPress themes are 100% responsive. Which means you will get best user experience on every device and every browser.

Sticky Header

The pro version theme comes with a sticky header.

blognow sticky navigation menu

At this time, the free version theme doesn’t have this feature.


The theme comes with 2 navigation menus on the header and one ad widget in the top right section.

blognow header


Both themes come with 4 footer widget areas.

blognow footer

Social Share Icons

In both themes, you will get custom made social share icons.

blognow share icons

Most folks are using third-party plugins like Social Warfare for adding social share icons.

Author Avatar On Post Meta

In the free version theme, you will not get this feature. In the pro version theme, you can show the author avatar on post meta.

blognow author avatar on post meta

Social Icons

The theme comes with a custom built social icons.

blognow social icons

Only the pro version theme have this widget.

Related Posts On Single Post

On every single post, you can show related posts after the author box. This will probably increase your page view and reduce your bounce rate.

blognow related posts

Only pro version theme has this widget. In the free version, you may want to use third-party plugins or custom codes.

Author Box

If you are running any multi-author blog, you may want to show the author box below every single post. In the pro version theme, you can do this without adding additional codes.

blognow author box widget

In the free version theme, you will not get this feature.

Popular Posts

On the right sidebar, you can show popular posts with thumbnail. This will help you to reduce your bounce rate and increasing the page views.

blognow popular posts

Only the pro version theme have this feature.

Recent Posts

Show your recently published posts to the visitors.

blognow recent posts

Only the pro version theme have this feature.


While we purchasing a theme from any website, make sure that we will get proper support on the item. In this case, HappyThemes will only support the pro version of the theme. if you are a customer on the free theme, you won’t get their support.


WordPress is getting much more improved after each update. You want to make sure that your theme is up to date with the latest version of WordPress. If you purchase BlogNow premium theme from HappyThemes, you will get lifetime updates.

Back To Top Button

On the pro version theme, you can show a back to top button on the website. This will help website visitors to go to the top section of the website in a single click.

blognow back to top button

At this time, the free version theme doesn’t have this feature.


A single theme will cost $49 with lifetime updates and support. But, you can get all their theme in $60 with lifetime updates and support.

blognow pricing

Download BlogNow WordPress Theme

So, you need to download the theme right? You can simply do it from below.

Download Now

Why We Wrote This BlogNow WordPress Theme Review?

We are not getting paid for writing false positive reviews. Here at TricksFlare, we will only contents that will fulfill our visitor’s needs and which is affordable. We have tried the pro version of this BlogNow theme on one of our sister blog and let me say that It is an awesome one. If you are planning to buy a blogging theme, you must consider BlogNow WordPress theme. By writing this BlogNow WordPress theme review, we are letting know our users about the theme features.

We hope you enjoyed the BlogNow WordPress theme review and found it useful. If you did, please consider sharing our article with your friends on social media. This will help them to choose the right blogging theme and us to write more related WordPress theme reviews. As a related theme, we recommend you Tabloid by CSSIgniter. Check our Tabloid WordPress theme review.

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