Every website needs a disclosure page these days. Here, you can get useful information about our blog.

Why This Disclosure Page?

At TricksFlare, we love transparency. Our Disclosure page will help you to learn more about our behind scenes.


Is TricksFlare Free To Use?

All contents that we share here is free. We will not offer any paid membership or paid stuff here for our visitors. We all know, most of us are looking for free products which are the best in quality. Here, you will get all kind of stuff for absolutely free of cost.

How We Funded

Like every blogs and website, we need money for handling and maintaining TricksFlare. In our case, we are making money from 2 methods.

1) Affiliate Marketing

Most times, we recommend you some products and services. Have you noticed that outbound URL structure? Most of them are like https://www.trickflare.com/refer/namecheap. These are affiliate links. Means, when a user signs up or buys something service using our unique affiliate URL, we will get paid for that. Not too many. A simple 10% to 30% of the purchase. We will not promote any third-class products here at TricksFlare. We will try to find the best and affordable products and services for our visitors.

2) Display Advertising

We were using Google AdSense on our blog as a display advertising. Currently, we are using Media.net ads on our blog. We are making passive income from them.

Do You Need To Pay Anything Additional?

By using our affiliate links, you don’t need to pay extra money. All you get is a charming discount on the purchase. We will share all the latest deals and coupons in our deals section.

Can I Help TricksFlare?

Please report broken links here using our contact form. Also, if you really need to help us, please buy products and services using our affiliate URL. This will help you to get maximum discount on the product and it will help us to maintain TricksFlare from affiliate income.

Thanks for your support.

Sreehari Sree.
CEO of AprilEgg, LLC.