How To Properly Edit Pages In Mozello Website


Last time, we have learned how to create a free website using Mozello. Mozello is a free web hosting service. You can host your website there without paying any money. It will be free and always free and it will be. In this post, We will show you that how can you properly edit pages in Mozello website. Editing pages essential for our business. Using pages, we can showcase our business.

How To Properly Edit Pages In Mozello Website?

This is simple than you thought. So, let’s get started. First of all, log in to your Mozello account.

login mozello

Then, you will be redirected to your website live editor.

mozello live editor

There, you can see the navigation menu. Thre are some pre-built pages.

mozello pages

In my case, I need to edit the services page. So, click on the link.

services page

After clicking on the link, you can see the specific page there.

properly edit pages in mozello website

While you click on the page content, you can edit the content from there.

edit pages in mozello website

This is how you can edit pages in the website. You may be wondering about publishing that page. You don’t need to publish the page. While you edit the content, then all changes will be saved.

This is how you can properly edit pages in Mozello website. We hope you enjoyed your read. If you did, consider sharing our article with your friends. We would love to see that. If you need to create a blog on WordPress, you need to check this post about creating a blog on CloudAccess.


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