How To Get Free Hosting From ProFreeHost


Most of us are looking for unlimited free hosting websites. If you are one of those, we would like to show you a step by step blog post about the topic ‘ how to get free hosting from ProFreeHost’. ProFreeHost is a free web hosting provider for beginners. Recently, we have shown you how to get hosting from Hosttales.

Why Should You Get Free Hosting From ProFreeHost?

Maybe you may want to start a demo website. We will not recommend any free hosting for launching your official website. They will suspend your website without any reason. Due to this, we only recommend premium hosting like Xozz and Namecheap for our users.

So, let’s get started. First of all, go to ProFreeHost.

Get Free Hosting From ProFreeHost

So, you are new to the web hosting. You may want to register on the website.

register pro free hosting

After registering on the website, you need to login to the website. There, you can see all your active services. In your case, there may be no services active. So, let’s create one new website there.

create website

It will lead you to a landing page where you can choose your domain name. They are offering free subdomains for their users or you can use a  custom domain. While using custom domain names, you may want to point the nameservers to their specific ones. In my case, I am going to choose the free subdomain.

profreehost hosting website

Soon, your website will start to create.

creating website

After a few seconds, you need to refresh that browser window. Your service will be active there.

website created

Now, you need to click on the manage button of the website.

manage profreehost

There, you can see all your website details. From there, you can access your website’s cPanel.

profreehost control panel

On a new tab, you will be redirected to the website cPanel.

profreehost cpanel

You can manage the website from there. As you can see, you will get unlimited resources free from them.

unlimited free hosting 2018

This is how you can get free hosting from ProFreeHost.


If you are looking for more free hosting websites, check out GoogieHost, 000webhost and VimlyHost.

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