How To Get Free Hosting From InfinityFree Web Hosting


At this time, most beginners are looking for free web hosting which will allow unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Recently, we have covered Hosttales, ProFreeHost, Googiehost and also 000webhost. In this post, we will show you that, how can you get free hosting from InfinityFree web hosting.

Get Free Hosting From InfinityFree

Typically, we will not recommend free web hosting for your business. They will suspend or block your website without any reason. However, for testing new scripts and WordPress themes, we recommend you use a free hosting instead of the live blog.

Get Free Hosting From InfinityFree Hosting

First of all, go to InfinityFree.

Get Free Hosting From InfinityFree

Now, you need to sign up on the website.

sign up infinityfree

The system will redirect you to the registration page.

register on infinityfree

After registering on the website, you need to go to the client area.

client area infinityfree

Simply log in to the website there.

log in infinityfree web hosting

Now, you will be redirected to your website dashboard.

infinityfree web hosting dashboard

Click on the new account button to create a new website there.

infinityfree new account

After that, you need to choose any domain for your website. At this time, they will give you a free subdomain for your hosting or you can use your own domain which is registered on freenom or Namecheap.

infinityfree domain name

In my case, I would like to choose a free subdomain there. Simply enter your domain there and go on.

infinityfree domain name

If your domain is available, you can register it for your website. Simply enter a password for the website and verify you are not a robot. After that, create the account there.

infinityfree domain name registration

Within some minutes, your website will be created.

website created

It will take some time to get activated. So, sit back and relax. You will get a notification on your email when the website got active.

website active

Now, go to your website control panel for customizing the website.

infinityfree file manager

You can see the website cPanel on a new tab.

infinityfree cpanel

That’s all.

Why Are They Giving Free Hosting BTW?

InfinityFree is one of the most famous free hosting providers. You can see some display ads on the website.

infinityfree adsense ad

Means, the website administrator is monetizing the website using Google AdSense.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful and enjoyed the read. If you did, please consider sharing this post with your friends. As a result, it will help them to claim their own free web hosting and also us to write more related posts.



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