How To Get Club Domain For 1 Dollar


Last day, one of our users asked that how to get TL Domains for cheap. We have already shared a trick to get a .com domain for free. If you haven’t seen that, check our guide to get a .com domain free. In this post, we will show you how can you get club domain for 1 dollar.

Really Will I Get Club Domain For 1 Dollar?

Yes, you will get Get Club Domain For 1 Dollar. So, let’s start. First of all, you need to go to Namecheap.

Get Club Domain For 1 Dollar

Now, you need to search for your desired domain name there.

domain check

The next page will show all available domains. All we need is their club domain. Simply add the domain to cart.

club domain

After adding it to cart, you need to check your cart. Click on view cart button.

namecheap cart

Everything looks good. You need to confirm your order.

namecheap checkout

That’s all. You can see that the total price of this action is only around 1 dollar. This is how you can Get Club Domain For 1 Dollar. If you need more posts regarding this, feel free to reach us using our suggestion form.


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