How To Create FTP Account In cPanel

When we start to create and manage websites, we may want to create FTP account and use it. In this post, we will show you that how can you simply create FTP account in cPanel without getting any error. last time, we taught you how to create a business email in cPanel.

Create FTP Account

First of all, log in to your website cPanel.

There, you need to search for FTP and open FTP accounts.

ftp accounts

Some web hosting will show the below page probably if you are using any free hosting like ProFreeHost.

ftp accounts

By using those credentials, you can access the website file manager.

Some of us are using paid hosting or paid like free hosting. They can create FTP accounts on the cPanel.

create ftp account

Simply fill those details and click on create FTP account button. Make sure that you have chosen your quota as unlimited.

create new ftp account

Soon, you will get a success message.

active ftp accounts

If you forgot the server credentials, don’t worry. You need to click on the configure FTP client button.

configure ftp client

At the drop-down, you can see your username, port, and hostname.

ftp credentials

Forgot the password? Simply click on the change password button.

change ftp password

From the drop-down, you can change the FTP password.

ftp password

While using FTP, you need to use a complex password for your security. After these, you need to use an FTP client such as FileZilla for accessing your website.

You can use the credentials on the client and you can access the website’s file manager. Some web hosting will allow you to create unlimited FTP accounts on the cPanel. In some cases, they will limit it. We only recommend you using one FTP account for a single user.

This is how you can create a new FTP account. We hope you enjoyed the post. If you did, please consider sharing this post with your friends. We would love to see that and write more related topics.

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