How To Create A Database In cPanel


Most of us are working online and maintaining a website these days. Most beginners don’t know how to create a database and assign a user in it. Every WordPress and related CMS needs a Database to store the website’s important data. In this post, we will show you the step by step guide to creating a database using the cPanel. Last time, we taught you that how can you create an FTP account.

How To Create A Database?

First of all, login to your cPanel.

web cpanel

Search for database and open it.

create a database

There, you can see the all available databases and options for creating a new database.


In this case, I don’t have a database yet. So, I need to create one. Simply name your database and click on create the database.

name the database

Soon, you will get a success message.

mysql database created

Go back to the databases page and you can see your newly created database there.

all databases

So, we have successfully created the database. Now, we need to create a user for it.

mysql users

Add the specific user credentials there and click on create user button.

create mysql database

Soon, you will get a success message.

mysql user created

Next thing that you need to do is, add the user to the database. Select your user and database from there if you have more than 1. And, click on add.

add user to database

Now, you need to select the user privileges. In my case, I am going to select all.

mysql user controls

Now, click on the make changes button.

user changes

Go back and check the database section. You can see that the database and user are now assigned.

mysql database and user are connected

This is how you can create a database and assign a user to it. We hope you enjoyed the read. If you did, please consider sharing this article with your friends. It will help them and also us. If you have doubts, feel free to contact us.


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