How To Change PHP Version Of A Website

Using a stable and latest version of PHP will help you to load your website faster and safer. In this post, we will show you that how can you change PHP version of a website using cPanel. Before making any changes, you must need a complete backup of your website.

How To Change PHP Version Of A Website?

For this testing purpose, I am going to host a demo website on Googiehost. After hosting the website, log in to the cPanel.

login cpanel

Now, search for the MultiPHP manager and open it.

Change PHP Version Of A Website

Now, you can see the default PHP version. In most cases, it will be version 5.6.

server php version

Now, let’s upgrade our PHP version 5.6 to 7.1. Choose the domain that you need to change the PHP version.

select domain to php change

Now, choose the PHP version that you need to use on that website. If you are going to choose the PHP 7.1 version, choose the ea-php71 from the drop-down menu and apply the change.

change version of php

Soon, the system will upgrade your PHP version to the requested one.

php version upgrade

You can see the result on the final page.

php latest version

Sometimes, a wrong PHP version will break your website. Choosing a stable PHP version will fix the issue then. I repeat you must need a complete website backup before making any changes to the website. If your website got broke and data went loss, you can simply restore all your website content from the complete backup.

This is how you can change PHP version of a website. If you face any problem, you may want to get in touch with your hosting company. They will help you to do it. We hope you enjoyed the post. If you did, please consider sharing our article on social media. It will help them to know more about the topic and us to write more related posts.

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