How To Block IP Address On A Website


While we start a blog and monetize it, we will face some security issues there, from certain Ip addresses. Some IP attackers will try to access the admin area of the website, some will try brute-force attack a.k.a password guessing attack. We have already blocked some IPs on our website for making our blog safe. In this post, we will show you that, how to block IP address on a website using cPanel.

How To Block IP Address On A Website

First of all, log in to your cPanel.

How To Block IP Address On A Website

Under security tools, you can see IP blocker. Open that.

ip blocker in cpanel

You can see the Ip blocker settings there.

ip blocker settings

All you need to do is, simply enter the Ip address that you need to block in the box and add it to the blocked list.

add ip to blocked

You will get a success message.

ip address blocked

Under your blocked IP list, you can see all blocked Ip addresses.

all blocked ip addresses

This is how to block IP address on a website. If you are getting some unauthorized access to your private pages such as login page, you may want to block that specific IP address.

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