Don’t Choose Free Website Hosting For Your Website

While you start your blog or online business, probably you need to choose the best and affordable web hosting provider. Some folks are planning to use free website hosting for their business. If you are planning to use it, don’t do it. There are so many free and paid web hosting available. Under the paid web hosting category, you can find that cheap and high-performance web hosting. Here, we have hosted our website on WPEngine. We are using the STARTUP hosting plan of WPEngine. In this post, we will show you why you don’t choose free website hosting for your business.

Don't Choose Free Website Hosting

Really Don’t Choose Free Website Hosting?

For your safety and success of your online business. We have added some of the major problems below that will happen while you choose free hosting.

1) No Support

Don't Choose Free Website Hosting

Web hosting is like home for your website. You need to properly maintain it to keep your website safe and smarter. Most free web hosting providers will not allow support along their hosting package. If you don’t get support, better leave that hosting.

In a paid web hosting, you will get premium support by raising support tickets, and by live chat. You will get your problems and queries fixed within minutes.

2) Limitations

free web hosting limitations

They will limit your resources. Not only free hosting providers. We have allowed only 10 GB space on your website. If we need to get a higher storage space, we need to choose the higher plan called Growth. In free hosting, they will mainly add a limitation on the disk space and bandwidth. Some of them will allow only allow 1 GB disk space and around 2 GB of bandwidth. You may be thinking this is a huge amount. But, this is nothing. Due to this, don’t choose free website hosting.

free web hosting resources

In some premium hosting, they will give you unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It is perfect for running your business smoothly.

bluehost resources

3) Downtime

website downtime

Most of us are launching a website to make money online from Google AdSense or by Affiliate marketing. You need to realize that, you cannot get Google AdSense approval on a website which is down every time. You know that the reviewer is not a bot or AI system. It is a human and we need to treat him well. A website hosted on a free hosting will become unavailable all time. As a result, you can’t get your Google AdSense application approved.

You can check your website’s uptime using a tool called UptimeRobot.

4) Security

web security

By hosting your website on a free hosting, your data that stored there is not secured. Your data can be hacked or infected by a virus. Also, most free web hosting providers will not give you a backup solution. Our first defense to attacks is backups. If you don’t have a backup of your website and your website got affected, your all contents will be lost.

We have a handpicked guide to creating website backups here.

5) Restrictions

web restricted contents

They will lock you somewhere inside the website manager. most free web hosting providers will not give you full options on their hosting plan. Means, some free web hosting providers will lock the cronjob on their website. go to the premium website hosting for enabling the specific feature. We can’t say that the specific hosting provider is good at market and he will give you good web hosting.

The choice is really up to you. We will not recommend any free hosting for hosting your business website. You can use them to test the new features and codes. Here at TricksFlare, we will give you only tested and affordable web hosting deals.

If you are a pure beginner and need to launch your website, we highly recommend you Namecheap. NameCheap will help you to host 3 websites on their cheapest shared hosting plan without paying additional money. Also, you can get 40% off on the web hosting using our Namecheap shared hosting coupon.

We hope you understand our blog post about why you don’t choose free website hosting for your business. If you need help related this, feel free to contact us.

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