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On June 28, 2018
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Do you need to create a website for free? Check our complete step by step guide to creating a free website using Mozello... Mozello will help you to create a website for absolutely free. If you need more power, you can choose premium plans.

Last day, one of our users asked how to create free website with Mozello. In this post, we will go through the process step by step. Most of are looking for a simple way to create a website. Some folks are choosing WordPress to build their website and some of them are choosing Google’s blogger. Blogger is completely free and it always it will be. While choosing WordPress, there are 2 type platforms available. One is free WordPress and other is self-hosted WordPress.

For creating a website on WordPress, we highly recommend you the self-hosted WordPress. But, the problem is for using self-hosted WordPress for creating your blog, you may want to use web hosting and domain names. Typically, there are so many free web hosting available. For hosting your website, we will not support free web hosting.

In this case, Mozello will take care of your entire website. There are free and paid plans available. If you are a pure beginner and need to figure out things, we highly recommend you the free plan.

How To Create Free Website With Mozello?

The steps are very simple. First of all, go to Mozello.

Create Free Website With Mozello

There, you can create a website or online store. In my case, I need to create a website. For creating an online store, we recommend you WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin. Simply click on the create a website button there.

create a mozello website

The system will redirect you to the registration page. You need to sign up on the website to start creating your website. In my case, I am going to use temporary email. But, you use your official Gmail address. Because, if you need to edit your website in future, you may want to access your website using the email account.

create a mozello account

Now, you need to enter your website’s name there. Keep in mind that it will be your domain name.

mozello website name

After that, you need to choose a template aka design for your website. There are so many pre-made templates available on the page. Simply select your favorite one.

mozello website templates

After choosing the template, you can see a live preview of your website there.

mozello live preview

All you need to do next is simply add your website name and tagline there.

mozello website homepage

After editing the front page, you need to publish your website. This will help us to show the website to the world.

publish mozello website

Then you need to confirm your mobile number. Simply enter your mobile number in the box.

mozello website verification

The system will send a 4 digit OTP to your registered mobile number. You need to enter it in the box and publish your website.

mozello otp

After a few seconds, you can see a success message on the screen saying that website got published.

mozello website published

This is how you can create free website with Mozello. If you need more powerful features from them, you need to upgrade your plan to a higher one. Facing problems while creating websites? feel free to contact us. We are always here to help you.

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