How To Use KeywordTool IO For Keyword Research


While we come to blogging, we need to find best, high paying keywords for optimizing our blog contents. Last day we have already said about keyword research using SEMrush. In this post, we will show you how can you search for keywords using the KeywordTool io. So, let’s start.

KeywordTool IO

Now, you need to enter your keyword, targeting country there. After that, simply search there.

Now, you can see all the results that related to your exact keyword.

You can use those keywords for ranking your content. You can use¬†KeywordTool IO unlimited time a day. Thay doesn’t have any kind limitations. But, while selecting keywords, make sure that you have selected the longtail keywords. Longtail keywords will help you to rank your content better than the short keywords.

Is The KeywordTool IO Paid?

No, they are free. but, they are also offering a premium subscription. Using the premium subscription will help you to unlock search volume, CPC, and the competition.

We hope you enjoyed our read. If you need more tools for keyword research, check the Keyword research ninja software.


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