How To Show Different OG Image On SocioQuiz Results

Recently, we have shared so many SocioQuiz website tutorials here like adding AdSense in the website, creating categories and enabling social share icons. In this post, we will show you that how can you show different OG image on SocioQuiz results.

Showing different OG (Open Graph) image will definitely increase the CTR and traffic to your website. Most viral website owners are looking for a simple method to show different OG image according to the quiz result. We will cover the complete guide in this tutorial.

How To Show Different OG Image On SocioQuiz?

First of all, log in to your SocioQuiz website. If you are using the default password and username, you may want to change it due to security. You can see the SoxioQuiz admin panel on the next screen.

socioquiz admin

You can create a new quiz or edit the existing one. Most folks requested how to create a quiz in the SocioQuiz website. So, we will show you how to do it on a new quiz.

Under the quizzes section, click on create new quizzes button.

create socioquiz quiz

You will be redirected to the quiz creating wizard.

quiz creating

Configure the basic settings from there. Make sure that you have enabled the quiz or the quiz is visible to the website users.

socioquiz settings

Now, you may want to choose any banner for your quiz. This is essential. The banner will act like a featured image.

socioquiz banner

Now, go to the quiz OG settings. Choose an image from your file manager and set it as your default OG image. This image will be shown on social media when you share the quiz’s URL not the final result.

socio quiz og image settings

Click on save quiz to save it to the database.

save og image

Go to the question page and add some questions related to your quiz.

save socioquiz questions

Go to the results section and add appropriate answers to the quiz.

socioquiz results

After configuring all, you will get a check mark on all the settings.

Basic Configuration Completed!

Let’s add different OG image to the results now. In our case, we got only 2 results. You can see that we have no OG image set on it.

result without og image

Click on the edit button.

edit socioquiz

Choose an image from the file manager and update the result.

update result

You can see the image got set for all results.

update result

Now, you are good to go. We have updated the OG data after publishing the quiz. So, simply update the OG data.

Show Different OG Image On SocioQuiz

That’s all! Facebook will fetch the OG image according to the user’s result! This is how you can show different OG image on SocioQuiz website results.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful and enjoyed the read. If you did, please consider sharing this post with your friends.


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