How To Get More Traffic On SocioQuiz Website


Most folks have started the Facebook viral quiz website using SocioQuiz script. The next step is, we need to get maximum traffic on the website. There is a simple technique inside the website to get maximum website visitors. In this post, we will show you that how can you get more traffic on SocioQuiz website with a simple hack.

How To Get More Traffic On SocioQuiz Website?

First of all, you need to log in as admin. If you are using the default password, you must change it.

Get More Traffic On SocioQuiz

Under settings, go to the quiz settings.

socioquiz settings

You can see the site-wide quiz settings on the page.

site-wide quiz settings

Enable the Facebook share lock there.

Now, simply save the settings.

save quiz settings

If you got a successful pop-up, your config is saved.

socioquiz settings saved

From now on, your users need to share the specific quiz URL to Facebook for viewing the result. This will increase the website users and reach on your website.

That’s all. Using this method, you can simply get more traffic on SocioQuiz website.

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