How To Create Cronjob Website In Free Hosting

Last time, we have shared the Easy Cronjob web handler script with every TricksFlare users. In this post, we will show you how to create cronjob website in free hosting.

How To Create Cronjob Website In Free Hosting

Every free and paid web hosting will support this script. But, we only recommend you paid web hosting. Using free website hosting will suspend your website without any reason. If you are looking for a cheap web hosting, we recommend you Namecheap. Using our Namecheap shared hosting coupon, you will get 40% off on the purchase. The pricing of Namecheap is just $10 for the first year with a free domain name. Also, you can host up to 3 websites on the shared hosting plan.

How To Create Cronjob Website In Free Hosting?

First of all, you may want to download our cronjob script. After that, you need a web hosting account. We recommend you choosing Googiehost, ProFreeHost or Hosttales for testing purpose. In this post, we are going to choose Googiehost.

Simply access your website cPanel and open file manager.

googiehost file manager

Now, upload your script on the public_html folder or on any subdirectory. In our case, we are going to upload it to a subdirectory.

upload script to cpanel

Upload the script now.

upload script to website

Now, extract the script.

extract the file

Change the permission of logs directory to 776.

logs directory permission

After that, change the permission of cronjob.log and cronjob.dat.php file permission to 766.

file permissions cronjob website

Now, open your website in a new tab.

cronjob website

Looks good. Everything is fine. Now, we need to set a password for the website. Go to the settings page and set a password for the website.

set password for cronjob

After that, set up a new cronjob file there.

add new cronjobs

You can see all your cronjobs in the dashboard.

easy cron job script dashboard

Now, we need to run a native cronjob for the website. Setup an account in Go to the about section in the script and find the path to the cronjob URL.

native cronjob

You need to replace domain name, and password with yours and run a native cronjob. Soo, the website will start to work. Easy web cronjobs is an awesome script for making cronjob website and for running unlimited cron jobs.

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