How To Create Categories In SocioQuiz Website

Categories will help you to organize your contents in the right way. In this post, we will show you that, How To Create Categories In SocioQuiz script in the right way. So, first of all, you need to log in to the website as admin. If you don’t have the script yet? Download the script now. Also, for hosting this script, We recommend you Namecheap hosting. You can get 40% off on the hosting using our Namecheap hosting coupon. Also, you can host 3 websites on the cheapest plan without paying additional money.

How To Create Categories In SocioQuiz

Like I said above, you need to go to the admin panel. Here, I’m on my Admin panel. If you don’t know the admin panel URL, it will be like (Replace domain with your own)

How To Create Categories In SocioQuiz

On the left side, you can see some menus. Extract the categories menu and you can see an option there for creating new menus.

new category

Name the new category and click on save.

new category created in socioquiz

The category will be saved. You can create unlimited categories by this method. While creating new quizzes, you can assign them to any one category or more than one category.

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