How To Change SocioQuiz Password

So, you have installed SocioQuiz on your website, right? Next thing you need to do is, change your website username and password. In this post, we will show you the method to change SocioQuiz password properly.

How To Change SocioQuiz Password?

Using the default admin username and password is not safe. Anyone who knows it can access your website. First of all, go to the admin page and log in as admin.

Change SocioQuiz Password

The default username and password are ‘admin’. If you don’t know the admin path, it will be like Soon, you will redirect to the SocioQuiz admin panel.

socioquiz admin panel

You can see a change password button at the end of the screen.

change socioquiz password

You can see the password changing settings on the next screen.

change password

Enter your new username and password there and simply save the changes. You will get a success message after successful changing of username and password.

socioquiz password changed

That’s all. This is how you can simply change SocioQuuiz password. You may also want to check out how can you create categories on SocioQuiz and add AdSense ads in SocioQuiz.

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