Guide To Make Socio Quiz Website (Viral Quiz Website)


Recently, we have got some suggestions saying that create a complete guide to creating a viral website using the socio quiz website script. In this post, we will walk you through the complete guide to make socio quiz website.

Why Make Viral Website?

Most of us see that our friends are sharing viral quizzes on their Facebook profile. But, what’s the catch exactly? Facebook is one of the largest and famous social media on the globe. According to that, if we create a fun website and share it, we will get tens of thousands of website traffic here. What I am saying is, utilize those traffic in the best way. You can use Google AdSense or any other ads on your website to properly monetizing.

Complete Guide To Make Socio Quiz Website

First of all, you need the socio quiz script. We have shared it here or you can purchase it from CodeCanyon. We recommend you purchase it from CodeCanyon. So, you will get official support from the team.

Next thing you need is a web hosting. In my case, I would like to choose Namecheap. Namecheap is affordable for all beginners and they will give you a free .website domain with every plan. If you need an additional 40% discount on the purchase, check our Namecheap shared hosting coupon.

I think you got it both. So, let’s begin by uploading the script to your website file manager. Simply log in to the cPanel and access file manager.

Guide To Make Socio Quiz Website

make sure that you are in the public_html folder there.

public html folder

Upload the zip file that you are downloaded or purchased.

upload script

You may want to extract it.

extract script

After extracting the file, we don’t need the zip file on your website. Simply delete it from the file manager.

delete the script

So, we have done our 50% of the job. The rest 50% is about creating a database and setting up the website. We have already written a guide to creating a database and assigning a user to it. You need to do it in the same way.

After that, you have 25% work to do. This is the most important part in the making of this viral quiz website. You need to enter your website’s URL on the browser. If you installed the script on any subdomain, you need to enter like

Some Error Occurred!

socio quiz error

If the page shows error, don’t worry. Now, you need to check the requirements. For that, enter check.php at the end of the installed directory. In my case, I have installed it on my oublic_html folder. So, my URL will be like

socio quiz requirements

If your server is configured properly, you will see the success message. If you don’t get the success message, you need to contact your hosting provider or change hosting. We have tested it on Namecheap and works well! Now, install the script there.

install socio quiz

On the next page, you can see the server specs. Click on next there.

socio quiz installer

Directory Permission

Now, the system will check directory permission there. If you have configured it properly, click on the next button.

socio quiz directory permission

Database Configuration

On the next screen, you can see the database configuration wizard. Enter your MySQL database credentials there and click on submit button.

submit db connection

The database will be connected soon. Click on the next button there.

database connected

Database Importing

The system will import some important data to the database.

import socio quiz data

You will get success message there. You need to go to the admin panel.

socio quiz installed

The default admin username and password are admin, admin. Simply log in to the system.

socio quiz admin

That’s all. You can manage your website from there.

socio quiz admin panel

On a new tab, open your website.

socio quiz website

It is perfect. If you need to add Google AdSense ads on the website, check out this post.

It is simple, isn’t it? We hope you find our guide to make socio quiz website helpful and enjoyed the read. If you did, please consider sharing our article with your friends. We will love to publish more related tricks then.


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