How To Create Pages In SocioQuiz Website


Can you imagine a website only with contents and without any pages? Well, I can’t. Recently, we have shared the method to make SocioQuiz website. In this post, we will show you that how can you create pages in SocioQuiz website and tell more about your website.

How To Create Pages In SocioQuiz?

First of all, you need to log in to the SocioQuiz website ad admin. Soon, the system will redirect you to the website admin panel.

socioquiz admin

There, under pages section, you can see an option for creating new pages. Select it.

You can see a dedicated area for creating pages on your website.

create new page in socioquiz

We all know, every website needs an about page. So, we are going to create one for ours. The URL string is like the slug of the post. When you add page title, the slug will be automatically assigned. Make sure that the slug is search engine friendly. The meta description is the data that search engines show below the content.

meta description

Fill those properly.

socioquiz page

Enter the contents of the page contents section. It will show on the body of the page. You can add an image, YouTube video or whatever you need.

page content

Under the page contents section, you can see OG config section. You may want to add an image, title, and description there. When someone shares the page on any social media, OG image will take to show the preview. Simply save the page after making changes.

page og settings

Now, you will get a success message.

page saved

On the all pages section, you can see all your created pages.

all socioquiz page

Let’s check our created page from the front end.

Create Pages In SocioQuiz

That’s all. This is how you can create pages in SocioQuiz website. You may also want to check how to add AdSense ads in SocioQuiz and how to embed SocioQuiz in WordPress.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful and enjoyed the read. If you did, please consider sharing this post with your friends. We would love to share more posts here then.


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