Why My Google AdSense Application Rejected And Fix It


Google AdSense is an awesome way to make money online if you have a blog or YouTube channel. But, most applicants are getting their Google AdSense application rejected due to some simple reasons. In this post, we will show you how to fix those and how can you get approved.

Google AdSense Application Rejected

My Google AdSense Application Rejected. Why?

There are a lot of factors available which decide your AdSense application status. First of all, you need to submit your website to Google search console. It will help us to get indexed by Google. We have added the tips and reasons to get approval from Google AdSense. Simply follow these steps.

1) Insufficient Content

write blog posts

Add some valuable contents in your website or blog. While creating new posts, add at least 300 words on it. You need to attract visitors to your website. Give a reason for that by adding valuable contents.

2) Website Design

website design

You must use a clean and simple website design. If you are using WordPress, then we recommend you Avada WordPress theme. it is a rich and clean WordPress theme with inbuilt Google AdSense optimization. Need something professional? Try the Genesis Framework. Check our Genesis Framework coupon for more.

You can also try CSSIgniter, NewsMag on your website.

3) Poor Navigation System

primary navigation menu

You need to utilize your navigation menus properly. You need to utilize your primary navigation menu properly. Add some important pages and links to the primary navigation menu. So, your website visitors can go to the specific page in one click.

For creating menus on WordPress, check out this post.

4) No Important Pages

important pages

You need to add About us, contact us and privacy policy pages on your blog. These are important pages on a website or blog. You need to showcase them on a navigation menu. Footer navigation menu is best for it. For creating a privacy policy for your website, check out this post.

5) Invalid Traffic

invalid traffic

There are so many traffic exchange programs available. Don’t use them to generate traffic to your website or blog. Google is smarter. They will not approve your application if you generate fake website traffic.

Using proper keywords will help you to rank your contents.

6) Low-Quality Contents

quality contents

You need high-quality contents on your website. Low-quality content will not attract website visitors and you will not get any success from there. If you add high-quality contents, your blog will start to gain traffic and revenue.

7) Auto Generated Pages

auto blog

Some folks are creating auto blogs these days. Auto blogs are fetching contents from another blog’s feed URL. You can’t get Google AdSense on auto blogs. Also, respect others work. You cannot get success from auto blogs.

8) Pop-ups and Irritating Ads

pop-up ads

If you are using any kind pop-ups like Wap4Dollar on your website, you need to remove them all before applying for Google AdSense. I now that pop-up ads will help you to earn money. But, Google AdSense will help you to earn more from the same content and the same traffic.

9) Illegal Stuff

illegal stuff

There are some Google AdSense prohibited content. You can’t get approval from Google AdSense on those niches. If you are handling any of them, you can use pop-up ads to generate revenue.

10) Copyrighted Images


Don’t use images that downloaded from Google image search. You need to get non-copyrighted images for your blog. You can get non-copyrighted images from Pixabay. Also, you can try Shutterstock.

11) Website Speed

website speed

If your website is slow, optimize it. Don’t know how to check website speed? Don’t worry. You can check your website speed with Pingdom tool. If you are on WordPress, use a caching plugin for improving performance. We recommend you WP Fastest cache. Google loves faster loading websites.

Consider these tips while reapplying for Google AdSense. If you follow our guide, you will not get your Google AdSense application rejected.

If you have already got AdSense approval and need to improve CPC, check our post of Increasing AdSense CPC to $100. Also, use high CPC keywords for improving your revenue from Google AdSense.

If you have still no luck, try Ezoic. Ezoic helped us to increase our overall revenue by up to 150% and improved our website performance.

We hope you enjoyed our post and found it helpful and found why your Google AdSense application rejected. If you did, please consider sharing this post with your friends on social media.



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