Who Can Earn Money Online In 2018

While most of us are looking for make money online, probably we will see so many methods and technics. But, Who Can Earn Money Online? That is a common question. Really Who Can Earn Money Online?

Who Can Earn Money Online

Who Can Earn Money Online?

Every skilled person and passionate person can make money online. Age and gender don’t matter. If you are good to go, we will recommend you to start a blog like ours. A good blog will help you to generate more income and bring you more attention from the community. But, the choice is full up to you. You can choose freelancing, WordPress development, website development, consulting company or whatever you want.

Creating a blog using WordPress is simple. But, first of all, figure out things. There is free WordPress and paid WordPress available. You need to make sure that you are not using the free version. Yes, don’t use the free version. The paid WordPress is also free to use. But, the domain name and web hosting need money.

So, blogging needs some investment. Looking for the way to make money online without investment? You can create a YouTube channel and monetize it. According to the new YouTube policy, every new channel needs at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months for enabling monetization. You need to work hard for achieving this.

Then how to save money while you starting your blog. Namecheap is a cheap web hosting for small businesses. You can go with Namecheap. Our Namecheap shared hosting coupon code will help you to get 40% off on the product.

While choosing a domain name, don’t go with free domain names. Go for the .com domain. A .com domain will costs $10-$14/ year. Some web hosting companies will give you free .com domain from there if you purchase their hosting plan. Also, choose wisely. Choose a domain name which will reflect your business. If you are blogging about flowers, looks for a domain name related to flowers. Make sure that is short, pronounceable and rememberable.

How To Monetize?

We hope you understand the situation. While making money online, there is no question Who Can Earn Money Online. Anyone can earn money online. But, you need to be sure about the topic. You can make money from your blog with Display Ads (Google AdSense, Media.net) or by affiliate marketing.

If you have good traffic on your blog, simply try affiliate marketing. Probably affiliate marketing is the best way to earn high revenue from your blog. Display Advertisings aren’t bad. All are based on your traffic and the keywords added. If you added high CPC keywords, you can earn more from your blog. Google AdSense pays for clicks. From one click, you can earn up to $100. Media.net is paying for the impression. Get more traffic on your blog, probably you can earn more from the ad network.


Realize that, blogging is a long-term business. You will not get success on the next day. It will take time and effort to generate more traffic to website and revenue. If you started to make money from your blog, you will get more income in the next month.

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