Requirements For AdSense Approval For New Bloggers


Recently, we are seeing that youngsters are starting a blog and making money online. We are glad to see that. While we talk about making money online, we must point the Google AdSense program. Every beginner and new bloggers are looking for making money with Google AdSense. In this post, we will show you the complete requirements for AdSense approval for every beginner.

Requirements For AdSense Approval

While we start TricksFlare, we have got AdSense approval in 1 month. Below, we will share the exact method that we used here.

Requirements For AdSense Approval On New Website

I hope you are using a paid domain and not using a free domain. Also, we will not recommend using free hosting for your website.

1. Content

Your content must be unique. Add at least 300 words in every single post. Don’t copy, paste contents from another blog. WordPress auto blogs must spin their contents before publishing them on the blog.

2. Design

You must stick with a professional looking theme. We recommend you using Avada. A professional looking and simple theme will attract visitors and will help you to get more chance to get approved.

3. Navigation Menu

Utilize the navigation menus of your theme. Most themes come with 2 navigation menus. You need to add useful links and showcase your pages on the menu.

4. Pop-Ups And Pop-Unders

If you are running any other ads on your blog, you need to remove all those existing ads. Also, don’t use any pop-up or pop-under ads on the website after getting AdSense approval.

5. Must-Have Pages

About, Contact and Privacy Policy are must need pages on a blog or website. You need to add them to your blog. Not only just add. Add contents there. Describe about you and your business on the about page, add a contact form on the contact page and a write a detailed note on the privacy page.

6. Prohibited Content

AdSense will not accept some blogging categories. You can check them from here. If you are using any of them, you need to use any other ad networks. We recommend you using Adfly.

7. Indexing

Indexing means you need to submit the blog to search engines. We recommend you submit your blog to Google webmaster tools, Bing webmaster and also Yandex. They will help you to bring more organic traffic to the website.

8. Keywords

A proper keyword research will absolutely help you to rank your content on search engines. We recommend you using SEMrush for keyword research. If you are looking for a free tool, you need to check out Keyword Using high CPC keywords will help you to increase your overall CPC.

Final Words

These are the main requirements for AdSense approval. We have seen that some folks are buying/ selling Google AdSense account. Trust me, you don’t need to buy any AdSense account for your website. If you follow these tips, I am pretty sure that you will get approval within 1 month.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful and enjoyed the read. If you did, please consider sharing our article with your friends. It will help them to get Google AdSense approval and also us to share more related tutorials.



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