How To Make Money From Adf ly Network

Most of us are starting a blog to make money online. On our last post, we have already shared a method to make money using wap4dollar. Wap4dollar is another great way to monetize a small blog or website. If you are not on Wap4Dollar yet, don’t wait. Sign up now. But, In this post, we are going to show you how to make money from Adf ly network. So, let’s get started.

First of all, you need to go to the official website.

Make Money From Adf ly

You are new to this website, so, let’s create your account there. Simply click on join now button there.

join adfly free

Now, you need to fix this form to create your account.

join adfly

After that, you need to verify your email. The verification is simple and you don’t need any guidance there. After verifying your registration, login to your dashboard.

You can choose your redirection domain from the drop-down menu. In my case, I’m going to choose random domain option.

Now, let’s shrink our first link using the For that, you need to enter the specific domain into the box and click on Shrink.

shrink adfly domain

Soon, you will get the shrunk domain there. You need to copy it and share it maximum.

shrunk domain

If you get maximum clicks on it, you can earn more money from the network.

Can You Really Make Money From Adf ly?

The smallest monetization program for small bloggers and website beginners. If you have enough traffic on your blog, you can convert it to pocket money using this method. don’t need website approval like Google AdSense and is free to use and also it is a plug and play monetization website. But, if you are looking for another monetization program, you can choose Google AdSense or


From our post, you know that is it the best thing for you or can you make money from it. In our words, you can try this network for a while. If you are not satisfied with it, keep going and look for another monetization program.

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