How To Get AdSense Approval In One Month


We have already covered some stuff about Google AdSense here. In this post, we will teach you that how can you get AdSense approval in one month with your new blog or website.

get adsense approval in one month

Most folks are starting a website or blog because of Google AdSense. At the beginning, you will only rely on Google AdSense. From below, you will know that how can you get AdSense approval in one month and earn money from it.

How To Get AdSense Approval In One Month?

There are some contents that will help you to get AdSense approval on the first try. You may want to follow them.

1. Website Design

website design

Choose a simple and professional looking theme or template on your blog. If you are using WordPress CMS for your blog, we recommend you choose the Newsmag theme. It is ad optimized one also. Use light colors and optimize your color combination.

A well-optimized theme/ template will cover those.

2. Domain Name

website domain name

Domain name matters. Don’t choose free domains if you are serious about blogging and make money online. At this time, there are so many free domain registrars available like cu cc domain, a freenom domain like that.

We recommend you only using a TLD (Top Level Domain) for your business. TLD means, .com, .net or .org. Also, country-specific domain names like .in, .us or .uk.

You can purchase the domain from Namecheap or Xozz.

3. Content

website content

Your content must be unique and interesting to read. Unique and impressing contents will get high organic reach and higher position in search engines.

Make sure that your every blog post got 300+ words on it. Adding more long posts will help you to engage a website visitor for maximum time.

Make internal linking a habit. Internal linking will probably help you to get more page views on the website and also reduce bounce rate. Both will help you to improve the ranking.

Avoid spelling and grammer mistakes.

4. Navigation Menu

website navigation

Most folks are getting their Google AdSense account rejected due to poor navigation. Poor navigation menu means you need to use the navigation menu in the proper way.

Simply show your most useful links on the navigation menu. Below, we have attached our navigation menu as a sample.

tricksflare navigation menu

5. Prohibited Content

prohibited website content

AdSense got some prohibited content. If you are blogging any of the prohibited content, you may want to search for another ad network. We recommend you using pop-under and pop up ads on that website. Check our Wap4dollar review for more.

6. Widgets

website widgets

Use only essential widgets in the sidebar. There are so many widgets available on the internet like flag counter, live users etc.

While starting working online, you need to be like a pro. You can simply show your recent posts, popular posts, social icons or an email subscription form in the widget areas.

7. SEO

website SEO

A proper keyword research will help you to get maximum traffic on your website. In the beginning, you may want to stick with low competition keywords. After generating a constant traffic every day, you need to use medium competitive keywords.

Gain backlinks. We recommend you guest blogging will help you to get quality backlinks and more primary traffic on your blog. Also, one of the best link building method is, find broken links in authority websites. You may need to write an awesome article about the topic on your blog. After that, let the website admin know. Nicely ask that link the broken link to your awesome post.

Optimize the entire website and all new posts. Here, we are using Yoast SEO plugin for optimizing our content and for making search engine friendly. Also, you need to optimize your images there. Add image appropriate title and ALT text for the image. Let the search engine know about it. We are compressing all uploaded images using the wp smush plugin.

Submit your website to webmaster tools. In our case, we have submitted our website to Google search console, Bing webmaster and Yandex webmaster. Those will help us to improve our ranking.

Avoid broken links on your website. For WordPress users, you can use a plugin called Broken Link Checker.

8. Essential Pages


On your website or blog, you must need some pages there. At this time, they are About, Contact and privacy policy pages. You must add some valuable content on those pages.

9. Speed

website speed

Google loves faster loading pages. Not only just Google. We all love faster loading web pages rather than slower ones. You may want to check your website’s speed using the Pingdom tool. The tool will show you the exact content that slows your website.

website speed test

In most cases, that will be some images. For WordPress users, there is a plugin called wp smush for optimizing images automatically on upload. For others, you can use the free tool called TinyPNG. Also, keep in mind that using a caching plugin for WordPress blog. We recommend you using WP Fastest Cache.

Simple isn’t it? Yes, it is!

I am pretty sure that you will get AdSense approval in one month if you follow these tips and apply it on your website/ blog.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful and enjoyed the post. If you did, please consider sharing our article with your friends. Also, check our blog section for more interesting contents.


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