How To Earn $100 Per Click On Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an awesome way to monetize your blog. But, the CPC rates will be disappointing. Sometimes, you will get only $0.01 CPC and rarely you will get more than $0.20. We can’t stay at that CPC and we need to earn more from your blog. If you are still stuck on low CPC, you cannot monetize your blog in the proper way. All we need is high paying keywords. Using those high paying keywords will probably increase your CPC. In this post, we will show you the best guide about How To Earn 100 Per Click On Google AdSense with simple steps.

How To Earn 100 Per Click On Google AdSense? really?

Yes, it is real. Like I said above, our AdSense CPC is based on our optimized keywords. If you got high paying or high CPC keywords, you can get $100 per click from Google AdSense. For finding those keywords, you need to go to SEMrush.

How To Earn 100 Per Click On Google AdSense

There you can analyze a specific keyword or an entire domain. Here, let’s analyze one website which is popular on the internet. I’m going to check the keywords that added to Warrior Forum.

analyze website semrush

On the next page, you can see the complete result there.

warrior form website overview

All we need is keywords that ranked. Click on view full report to get more keywords.

keywords of warriorforum

At this page, click on the down arrow to assign the high paying keywords on top.

high cpc keywords

There, you can see that the high paying keyword is worth $302 which is too high. If you use those keywords on your website or blog, you will get high CPC or you can increase your AdSense CPC.

But, you won’t get instant results. While you choosing to blog, you need to realize that it is a long-term business. You will get results very slow. But, if you started to make money online from your blog, you will never stop doing that!

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