How To Connect Content.Ad With WordPress

Are you monetizing your blog using Google AdSense or affiliate marketing? Recently, one of our users asked for related display ad networks which will give maximum ROI. For entertainment niches, we recommend you using an ad network called In this post, we will show you that how can you connect with WordPress blog using a simple plugin and code.

Connect Content.Ad With WordPress

How To Connect Content.Ad With WordPress?

At this time, there are 2 methods available. The first one is using the official plugin. The other one is by adding widget code to widget areas.

Adding Ads Using Plugin

First of all, go to the dashboard and go to add new plugins section.

add new plugins

Search for plugin and install it.

install content ad plugin

After installing, activate it.

activate content ad plugin

Go to the plugin settings page.

content ad settings

You need to verify your account for continuing. All you need is the WordPress key. You can find it under your account general info.

copy wp key

Copy the WordPress key, paste it into the plugin settings and verify ownership.

verify content ad

Soon, you will get a success message and you can see all the available widgets in the widgets section.

content ad widgets

This is how you can connect with WordPress using their plugin. Simply activate the widget and assign their position. Now, let’s check how can you do it using HTML widgets.

Using Widgets

Go to the widgets section on your WordPress blog.

wordpress widgets

Add a new HTML widget to the specific location. In my case, it is the sidebar.

add html widget

Go to widgets section on your account.

all widgets

Choose one widget which will suit that area and click on installation code.

content ad widgets

On the next screen, you can see a unique code for the widget. Choose the JavaScript code and copy it.

content ad js code

Paste it in the HTML widget and save changes.

save content ad widget

If you are using any caching plugin, clear your WordPress cache and check your website from the front end.

content ad widget working

The widget is working and it is showing ads just in the sidebar. This is how you can properly install widget in your blog.

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