How To Add Wap4Dollar On A Website

Recently we have covered Wap4Dollar and chances to make money online from Wap4Dollar. Last day, one of our users asked that how to add wap4dollar on a website. In this post, we will show you that how can you properly add it and monetize your website.

Properly Add Wap4Dollar On A Website.

First of all, you need to open your website’s cPanel and open file manager. There will be a file called index.php. If there is not index.php, search for index.html. Probably you need to edit that file and add your pop-up code there.

edit index.php file

On a new tab, open your Wap4Dollar account and click on get pop-under ad code.

pop under ad code

The system will give you a code with your unique id. You need to copy that code from there.

wap4dollar pop under ad code

Simply copy it and paste it into your website’s index file. While pasting, make sure that you have pasted the code in the right place. In my case, I’m going to paste the code after the </title> tag.

wap4dollar ad code

Save the file. You are now successfully monetizing your website using Wap4Dollar. Every visitors will see a pop-under ad on your website. As a result, your revenue will raise in your account. If you need to make more money online, check our guide about Google AdSense.

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