Google AdSense Approval Trick 2018


Most bloggers and website owners are using Google AdSense for monetizing their website. Getting approved on Google AdSense program is a little hard now. In this post, we will cover how can you get Google AdSense approval and the latest Google AdSense approval trick.

Google AdSense Approval Trick

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Google AdSense Approval Trick

Before applying or reapplying for Google AdSense, you may want to consider these steps.

1. Web Hosting

web server

There is so many web hosting available. If you choose any unreliable web hosting, your website will be down every time. We highly recommend you choose an affordable and best web hosting for your business. Don’t choose free web hosting. We recommend you choosing Namecheap if you are beginner and WPEngine if you need more powerful web hosting. If you are used blogger, you need to choose a custom domain.

2. Domain

domain name

Domain name matters. Google considering free domains as spam. You may want to get a TLD (Top Level Domain) for your business. We recommend you choosing Namecheap for domain registration. Also, you can get a .com domain for free.

3. Design

web design

You need to stick with a professional looking and simple design. While using WordPress, we recommend you choosing premium themes. Don’t choose free WordPress themes. If you are looking for an ad optimized theme, check out Newsmag and Avada. Also, you can get free or premium themes from HappyThemes.

4. Navigation

website navigation menu

Don’t let your website visitors confused. Utilize your primary navigation menu and secondary navigation menu properly. You need to showcase your important pages or popular post there.

5. Content

google analytics traffic

Add contents that will add value to your users. Getting more users attention will help you to get simply GA approval. At this time, we have seen that some folks are creating an auto blog in WordPress and making money. If you are planning to do it, you need to spin your content before publishing the content.

6. Organic Reach

website seo


You need to rank some contents on Google and other search engines. Using low competition keywords will help you to rank your contents in fewer efforts.

7. Existing Ads

website pop up ads

Google hates pop up and pop-under ads. At this time, there are some ad providers like Wap4Dollar, Adfly and are offering these ads. If you are using any ads, you may want to remove them.

8. Must-Have Pages

must have webpages

Before applying for GA, you need to add some pages to your website and some valuable contents. About, Contact and privacy policy pages are must in these days. We highly recommend you to add it to your website.

9. Quality

website quality

Quality content will get more traffic and conversation. Google AdSense will take content quality seriously and you need to add some valuable content there.

10. Fake Traffic

free fake website traffic

Some folks are driving auto traffic to the blog and fooling Google. You need to realize that, Google is smart. Choosing those traffic generators will not help you to get a higher ranking or GA approval It will affect your website SEO very badly.

These are the main branches that you need to consider on your blog. If you are a new blogger, we recommend you to wait and drive some organic traffic to your blog. After that, your chances will be higher to get approved to the platform.

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