How To Find Best Merchants In ShareASale Affiliate Network

ShareASale has so many merchants that deal with different products and services. In this post, we will show you that, how to find the best merchants in ShareASale affiliate network. Choosing the best network will help you to increase the conversation and affiliate sales. If you get more sales a month, probably you will earn more commission from the network. So, let’s start.

First of all, you need to login to your ShareASale affiliate account. If you don’t have any account on ShareASale, don’t worry. Here’s the direct link to join. After logging in, you will be redirected to the dashboard. The dashboard will look like

Best Merchants In ShareASale

Now, all you need to do is, find the best merchants in the ShareASale network. There, under merchants menu, you can get an option called the search for merchants.Best Merchants In ShareASale

Now, you can see the search box in the next window.

Best Merchants In ShareASale

Now, search for merchants there. Find merchants related to your blog or website. If you are blogging about WordPress and related stuff, simply add WordPress as a keyword in the search box.

Best Merchants In ShareASale

In my case, I’m going to find the web hosting providers from the list. For that, I’m going to replace the keyword WordPress with web hosting.

Best Merchants In ShareASale

You can see all the web hosting providers there. For joining one program, simply click on Join Program button.

Best Merchants In ShareASale

Now, you need to accept the program policies there. Also, add a brief description there about your promotional methods. After doing both, simply join the program.

Best Merchants In ShareASale

Some merchants will approve your application instantly some others will review your application before approving to the program. Here, I got the second one.

Best Merchants In ShareASale

Within 24 hours, you will get a reply from the merchant to the registered email address. If you got denied, don’t worry. There are so many related merchants are available on the ShareASale network. Simply join on the other one. If you got approved for the program, start to promote those products on your website or blog.

Do I Really Need To Join ShareASale?

Most of us are starting a website or blog to make money online from it. Then, probably you need to promote maximum affiliate products on your website/ blog. ShareASale will help you to find the best merchants to your website/ blog.

Do I Really Need To Find Best Merchants In ShareASale?

Yes. Otherwise, you are not wisely monetizing your website/ blog. You have a website about fashion and are you planning to promote WordPress themes on your blog? Don’t make that mistake.

We hope this post helped you to find the Best Merchants In ShareASale network. BTW, If you are a beginner to blogging or a small website owner, you can earn money online from Wap4Dollar. Check our guide to making money online using Wap4Dollar.

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