How To Use TinyPNG Compression Website


While we start a website, we need to make sure that our website is good for speed. A slow loading website will frustrate the visitors and will start to lose traffic. If you need to optimize your website for speed, you must upload optimized images on the website. In this post, we will show you that how can you use TinyPNG compression website for optimizing images.

So, let’s get started. First of all, go to TinyPNG.

Use TinyPNG Compression Website

You don’t need to create an account there for optimizing images. Simply drag and drop the image to the website. Also, you can choose any image from your local storage. In my case, I am going to download an image from Pixabay.

image from pixabay

You can the image size from above. It is about 2.1 MB which is high enough. If I upload this image directly to my website and added it to a post, the loading time will increase. So, I need to optimize the image for serving images faster. Simply drag and drop the image on the website.

tinypng compression

After uploading and compressing the image, you can see the stats there.

tinypng compressed stats

In my case, the website compressed my uploaded image up to 75% which is great. Also, the size becomes to 526 KB. Next thing you need to do is, download the image. Simply click on the download button there and your image will be downloaded.

download compressed image

This is how you can properly use TinyPNG compression website. If you are not compressing your images on your blog or website, you must take care of it.

Do I Really Need To Use TinyPNG Compression Website?

While owning a website or online business, we need to take care of it. By compressing images, we can speed up the website and serve images faster than usual. Google and the website visitors love faster loading websites. If you compress your images, probably you can improve your website.


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