ShutterDowner Not Working – Why And How To Fix


Recently, we have shared a method to download Shutterstock images from ShutterDowner. But, before 2 days, one of our users said that the website is not working and showing HTTP 500 error. That was true. ShutterDowner not working anymore.

Why ShutterDowner Not Working?

It is not your fault or your browser’s fault. The website ran into some technical problems. But, you don’t need to worry. In this post, we will show you where are they now.

They have moved their website to MrLeu.

ShutterDowner Not Working

The process for downloading an image is same. Simply copy the URL of the specific image from Shutterstock and paste it in the website.

mrleu image url

Click on get image. Now, you can see a preview of the image.


mrleu image preview

Sometimes, the system will show a random preview. That’s okay. Now, get the image without watermark from there.

no watermark image

You will be redirected to an adfly page on a new tab. Simply click on skip ad after 5 seconds.

skip mrleu ad

On a new tab, you can see the Shutterstock image without the watermark.

ShutterDowner Not Working

Simply download the image from there. Using this method, you can get an unlimited image from Shutterstock a day. This is the best method for getting Shutterstock image without paying. As an alternative, we recommend you Pixabay.

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