How To Install Hola VPN On Google Chrome

Think one website called ABCD is blocked in your country. But, you need to access it from your country. What will you do? in this post, we will show you how can you do it using a simple Google Chrome extension. The extensions name is Hola. Hola is a free VPN that will help us to access blocked URLs anonymously. So, let’s Install Hola VPN on Google Chrome.

Install Hola VPN On Google Chrome

First of all, you need to go to the Google Chrome store. You can get extensions and themes from there. In our case, all we need is one extension.

Install Hola VPN On Google Chrome

After that, search for hola and click on add it to chrome button.

hola extension

There, you can see all details of the extension.

add hola extension

Now, add the extension to Google Chrome.

hola vpn

After successful installation, you will get a success message.

hola extension added to chrome

You are now successfully installed the hola extension on your browser, now let’s try to change our country. Let’s try to access Facebook from a different location. So, go to Facebook. At the top bar, you can see hola extension icon.

facebook with hola vpn

Click on that icon. There, you can see another country that you can use to access Facebook. In my case, I am browsing through India. I’m going to change it to the United States.

Simply click on the country to get connected. You need to wait a few seconds to change the location. After that, you will get a success message there.

facebook usa

This is how you add and use hola extension In Google Chrome. You can choose any website and any country from the panel.

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