How To Get 10 GB Free Cloud Storage

We all love cloud storages. In this post, we will share the best method to get 10 GB free cloud storage. Cloud storages will help us to store our media online without messing up with the device storage. Also, it will help us to keep our files secure. Think that you are stored your important files on your device. If your device got any error, all will lose. Using a cloud storage will help you to prevent that.

Will I Really Get 10 GB Free Cloud Storage

Yes. You will get it. Simply follow this step. First of all, you need to go to MediaFire. You will see a page like

Free Cloud Storage

There are 3 kinds of plans available. The first one is free. Second and third are paid. All we need to get is the free plan. So, click on the get started button.

free cloud storage

Now, you need to enter your personal details there. Here, we have used temporary email.

mediafire registration

You have successfully created an account there. The system will redirect you to the dashboard.

mediafire dashboard

When we look at our registered email address, we can see a verification email there. For activating our account, probably we need to verify the email address. Simply verify your email address for helping them to confirm the registration.

email verification mediafire

After verifying the email, it will redirect you to your account dashboard. From the left bottom section, you can view your total cloud storage size and used cloud storage size.

cloud storage space

There, you can see, you have got a 10 GB of free cloud storage without doing anything.


While we look at cloud storages, MediaFire is the best cloud storage that we experienced in our journey. MediaFire’s refer and earn space is an awesome feature that will help you to earn more space. Probably it will help you to get more space by sharing the referral link.

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